Sunday, 18 May 2014

Whale torture (P2)

Hamtaro comes running in.He leads me to Vince's living room were his parents had drowned.His brother was nowhere to be found.Vince still struggling to breath, stands up. His parents lay there in front of him. He cried but he gets it out of his system very quickly. We both know we are going to see a lot of this.We search the house just to find that the whole house but the porch has been flooded.The rooms all full meters high.It's rose I thought.I grabbed Hamtaro and called out for. He didn't call out but he came running in luckily safe and sound.We ran back past my house to the ocean.When we went past my house I heard her commanding her first class officers.

We snook through the back door and into the living room I departed Vince to the back door for look out. There they in front of. me their tales adjusted just to walk.I sent Hamtaro to get their attention.they can't see him.I stood up they heard but did not see me. Hamtaro and I ran to get Vince and

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